IMAYA LIVE – the platform that automates teacher & student registration, class / workshop scheduling & payment collection – into one seamless process.


Did you know that Users watched more than 1.1 Billion hours of Live Streams? And with Users engaging 25x more than any other medium, Live Streaming ensures that you connect & engage with your audiences – Anywhere in the world!

IMAYA LIVE was made to ease the administrative headaches that accompany scheduling, monetizing and collecting payments for Live streamed content by you – The Teacher.

So, what are you waiting for? Start streaming, connect with your audience and get paid - instantly!

IMAYA LIVE – For Global Teachers & Academies

Whether you are large dance academy, a yoga gurukul or a martial arts instructor, you will need to create & schedule classes & workshops. Apart from scheduling and tracking subsequent attendance, you definite need to keep track of fee collections.

IMAYA LIVE automates the entire cycle from – Scheduling to Fee Collection, in a simple intuitive manner, accessible via your mobile phone – in a just a couple of minutes.

And yes, it is that simple!

Join our growing tribe of global teachers and take it for a spin. No app installs, no upfront fees and pay only for the students who are actually active.

The platform scales with you (and we strongly wish that you do– it is in our interest too)

IMAYA LIVE – For The discerning student

They say, when the student is ready, the master appears!

This has never been truer, than in attending Live streaming classes from teachers even halfway across the world, from you! With students and teachers optimizing their time by Live Streaming and learning from anywhere, the need for a simple way to learn, with just a simple mobile device is going to be the way forward!

IMAYA LIVE aims to let you simply signup, pay and attend classes from anywhere! Live Streaming is the current new “Normal” and is expected to continue, even in a post-pandemic world.

If you would like to get your Teacher to start using this platform, click now on the link below, to gift them a simple way to conduct your classes, online!

Alright, so what now? How much does it cost?

Basic Pro Premium





Service Charge (Domestic to Domestic)

6.99% + 10 Rs/Transaction

4.99% + 10 Rs/Transaction

3.99% + 10 Rs/Transaction

Service Charge (International to Domestic)

9.99% / Transaction

7.99% / Transaction

4.99% / Transaction

Conferencing Software (Zoom, Meetup, etc…)

Only Free

Yes (1 License included)

Yes (3 Licenses included)

No of Students Per Session

Upto 100

Upto 100

Upto 100

Additional Students (In Multiples of 100)

N. A

$29 (Upto 100)

$69 (Upto 500)

Concurrent Sessions

N. A

$29 / (from 2nd License onwards)

$49 / ( from 4th License onwards)

Minimum Students for Recurring Classes

N. A

N. A

N. A

Hardware (Microphone)

N. A

$4/ Month

$4/ Month

Hardware (External Camera)

N. A

$12/ Month

$12/ Month