Digital Engagement

Beacon based technology, Game-based learning, Augmented and Virtual reality based solutions for engaging users and enhancing customer experience

Engagement Services

Our Digital Engagement services include engagement strategies and tactics for a company’s external stakeholders such as prospects, customers, partners & vendors on one side, while also addressing internal stakeholders such as employees and management.

Proximity Based Marketing (offline)
B2B & B2C Prospecting & lead generation services (Push)
Content Driven Marketing (Pull)
Game-based learning
Services Service Description Service Deliverables
Proximity Marketing Proximity based, push marketing for driving walk-ins, in-store promotions& Customer experience management Beacons, Software for beacons, integration services (micro-services), Landing pages for digital marketing, customer experience management
B2B & B2C Prospecting / Lead Generation Defining growth-hacks, defining platform metrics, tracking & measurement strategy Growth Hack implementation, tracking & measurement setup and execution of campaign
Content Based Marketing Develop content strategy, create content - video, text, mixed animations, slide-shares, infographics Content Strategy &Plan, Content development (Video, Text, Graphical, Animated), Content publishing Calendar
Game-Based Learning Defining learning goals, creation of shot division, VO scripts, Storyboard, Beta release and Final Output Shot division with VO, Storyboard, Actual shoot (if relevant), Beta Release with animations, Final output rendered